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General and Finance Questions

Is there a volume commitment?

No. There’s no volume commitment and you can spend your credits at the pace you want. Your balance never expires.
What payment types are accepted?

We accept PayPal, Moneybookers, Western Union and Wire Transfers.
What is the minimum deposit amount

Minimum deposit is $25USD
Do you have DIDs

At the moment, we have DID numbers available for USA in 49 states and 4 provinces of Canada. We also have USA toll free numbers. We have international DIDs available in 30 countries.

What’s the difference between your value and premium route for USA/Canada.

Value is the greatest price we could find for Canada and USA. This permits us to offer Canada starting as low as less than a cent per minute, depending on location, and USA at a flat rate of 0.014. Our value rate is of the best quality we could find and targeted at endusers and resellers who are looking for the best wholesale prices without any volume commitment.

Premium has a flat rate of 0.02 for both USA and Canada and is routed through established and renowned tier-1 carriers always delivering the same level of quality, at a price that is a little higher than our value option. This price is intended to end-users with critical business calls or resellers who are willing to pay a little more for assured quality, but still less than other US48 tier-1 providers.

Which one to use? Best to do is to try both (value and premium) and settle for the one that best suits your needs.

Can I check call details online?

Yes, you can access your Call Details report online. It is updated almost realtime.
How do I know if a rate has changed?

If we need to change rates on some destination, including raising or lowering a price, these changes are made on the 2nd day of each month at 7PM CST.

What are the billing increments?

USA and Canada: 6 seconds initial, 6 seconds increment
Mexico: 60 seconds initial, 60 seconds increment
World: 6 seconds initial, 6 seconds increment

What does billing increment mean?

It’s the way we calculate our rates in order to bill your calls. For example, if you call USA for 10 seconds, you will be charged for 12 seconds (2 x 6 seconds since this is a 6 seconds increment call) of a minute, not the whole minute.

Do you accept predictive dialer call center traffic? (Dialer/Telemarketing)

Perhaps the only VoIP service where dialer traffic is not only accepted but at very competetive rates.

Do you accept inbound call center traffic?



Do you pass callerid?

On our premium route, All US/Canada destinations will receive proper callerid. On the value route, we can not guarantee callerid will pass 100% of the time but it should in most cases.

How should I dial calls?

We support dialing by direct country code. For example, to call to UK you use 44+number. To call to USA you can use 1+Area Code+Number.
Do you offer termination in every country?

Yes we do provide termination in every country. We are an A-Z VoIP termination provider. We always do our best to find and keep quality working routes. If you were to experiment some problems with a particular destination, let us know and we’ll make everything possible to fix the problem.
What are the supported codecs?

G.711 (