The most Feature-Rich VoIP Provider

Digital Receptionist (IVR), Calling Queues, Recordings, CallerID Filtering and Routing, Routing on Time Conditions, Virtual Numbers, SIP URI’s, CallBack, Ring Groups and more. voipomatic.com offers one of the most customizable telephony experience in the industry.

DID numbers

We have one of the greatest area coverage with DIDs in 49 States of the USA, 4 Provinces of Canada and more than 30 international Countries. We also offer Canadian and American Toll-free Numbers as well as Vanity Toll-Free numbers.


By supporting the most popular VoIP protocols, and the 3 most used codecs in North America, we can support most of the VoIP devices and softwares in existence today.

Ease of Use

Signup, login, deposit, configure and call! As simple as that. If you encounter any kind of problem with your configuration, we’ve a dedicated technical staff at your disposition.

Wholesale pricing open to everyone

No minimum volume, no commitment. Wholesale pricing open to everyone.

Pay as you go

There’s no monthly fee, no obligations, no deadline. Why pay for a $40 a month service for something you don’t use. Did you know that $10 with us gives you about 1000 minutes to USA and over 1400 to some parts of Canada. Check out our rates and you’ll see.

Friendly and available customer support staff

With us, your requests won’t fall into a garbage bin. We are always ready to help our customers. Configurations, recommendations, information about VoIP and more, just ask us and it will be a pleasure to help you.

US/Canada termination for all tastes

We offer 2 termination routes to please every type of customers. USA/Canada premium at a flat rate of $0.02. Value at a flat rate of 0.014 for USA and Canada starting at $0.009 (yes, less than a cent). Don’t get fooled by the name, it may be called value but is still the route used by over 90% of our customers. If you are really picky, use the premium route.

A-Z call termination

Call anywhere in the world, anytime, at the best rates on the market.

Not just another fly by and vanish VoIP company

These days, small VoIP providers are popping up everywhere and disappear a moment later. We’ve been online for 2 years and have gathered excellent reviews from our customers since day 1 of operation. voipomatic.com currently serves customers in more than 160 countries from residential users to medium enterprises to wholesalers.