VoIP Server Locations What we offer:
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX Use your own device, soft phone, Asterisk, PBX or switch
Los Angeles, CA USA 48 @ 1.4¢ per minute ($0.014)
Supported Codecs Canada starting as low as $0.008 per minute
G.711u (μ-law/pcmu) UK Premium tier-1 @ 1.2¢ per minute ($0.012)
G.729a Australia Premium tier-1 @ 1.9¢ per minute ($0.019)
GSM Connect as many phones as you wish using the same account
Supported Protocols Premium Quality Domestic and Toll free DIDs
SIP International DIDs in over 30 countries
IAX2 Unlimited channels DID numbers from $5 per month
DID Routing Inbound calls @ $0.02 / Toll free: $0.04
SIP, IAX, SIP URI CNAM, Voicemail, e411, e911, sub accounts, SIP URIs
Ring Group Digital Receptionist (IVR), Recordings, Calling Queues
Call Forwarding Ring Groups, Callback, Fail-over destination, Call Forwarding
Callback 6 seconds billing increment
Fail-over A to Z call termination (Worldwide Call Termination)
Voicemail No volume commitment
Digital Receptionist Pay as you go pricing scheme
Calling Queues Very competitive rates
Authentication Friendly customer support staff
SIP/IAX Registration Free Asterisk Configuration support
Support available in English and Russian